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DX function

With the DX function DIGI_NED can generate DX messages. To be able to measure the distance, the digi position must be set. This is done with Digi_Pos:


digi_pos: 5213.61N 00600.00E

Alternatively DIGI_NED can read the position specified in an APRS beacon text so that you have only one place to specify the digipeater position,


digi_pos_file: digibcon.ini

The method with reading the beacon-file is now default.

You can query for DX stations on a port. It gives the best and second best station over a period of time. This period is determined by Dx_Times: and is specified in hours. 'all' can be used to get the best DX of all entries in the Mheard list. More times can be specified.


dx_times: all,24,1

Distances are default in 'km' but can be changed with 'Dx_Metric:' to 'mi' for statue miles or 'nm' for nautical miles.


dx_metric: km

DX bulletins are generated when a new best DX is received. There is a minimum and maximum distance, below this distance a DX bulletin is never send and above this distance the range is considered to be bogus. This maximum range is optional. The time over which this best DX is determined is set in hours.

'Dx_Level:' is used for this and can be defined per port. You can have ore Dx_Level: commands for one port if you want. Use 'all' to define he level for all ports.


(for all ports with 25km/mi/nm minimum imit [see dx_metric] and 2000 km/mi/nm maximum limit and 'looking back' 1 hour):

dx_level: all 25-2000 1

With Dx_Path: the destination address and path is determined for the Dx bulletins.


dx_path: all DX,TRACE,WIDE

With Dx_Portname: you can give a port a more descriptive name the default name is "Portx" where 'x' is the port number. Note that the TH-D7 will only display the first 5 characters of the name. Maximum length transmitted are 10 characters - this just fills up a complete 80 character line.


dx_portname: 1 2 mtr

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