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This is the new home of DIGI_NED.

DIGI_NED is a project of Remko, PE1MEW, and Henk, PE1DNN. Although there is no active development, there is still good support on the DIGI_NED.

DIGI_NED offers maximal flexibility in both software and hardware and has proven to be a future proof platform for APRS digipeaters. DIGI_NED is still popular with APRS Digi-sysops!

This website is for
  • Anyone intrested in DIGI_NED
  • Active DIGI_NED users
  • APRS users who want to setup a DIGI_NED digi.
  • DIGI_NED users that need reference documentation.
For those who need more than just this website, the Yahoo DIGI_NED group offers access to the world wide community of DIGI_NED users that can be of help with their expertise.

Enjoy the website !

Cu, Remko

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