DIGI_NED is a rule driven digipeater using an INI file and containing special functions for use with APRS.

APRS is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga, WB4APR. His homepage can be found at:

Why this digipeater? The functions of this digipeater are comparable to other rule based digipeaters. Still there were good reasons to build a new one.

  1. Existing digipeaters do not exactly do what we wanted it to do,
  2. Some digipeaters stop running on illegal frames, most notably frames with more than 8 digipeaters in it,
  3. We want to have the source code to be able to add hardware options later, like connecting a Radio Direction Finder, Weather station, Telemetry...
  4. The digipeater should run on a 286 with something simpler than BPQ,
  5. Suitable for rock-stable 24/7 use,
  6. Ability to add functions as we want to,

The source of this digipeater has been made available under the terms of the General Public License.

DIGI_NED, as the digipeater is called (Digipeater from the Netherlands) has the following properties:

DIGI_NED can be used with all modems that can also be used by TFPCX (oh wonder, how is that possible...) so including the BPQ protocol over Ethernet, KISS, BayCom, YAM, SCC (PA0HZP, PE1PET, USCC) etc. In LINUX, DIGI_NED users the kernel interface; anything connected to this should work.

A general philosophy for DIGI_NED is the ability for a user to make his own configuration. The default configuration provided in the distribution is made as useful and correct as possible, but the end-user determines in the end how the digipeater will behave and look like.