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About the documentation.

I assume you have a suitable Modem or TNC. This can be any modem or TNC which is supported by AX25_MAC. Furthermore, you need a suitable Program (which makes use of AX25_MAC). For example DIGI_NED. Finally you also need some knowledge about TNC-Software, especially what things like "TX-Delay", and "Persist" etc do.

If you get AX25_MAC running without reading this documentation completely you may save some time, but you may have overlooked a few tricks which will come in handy. If you have any questions or problems, please find a solution by reading this document first. Practice has shown that the same questions are raised over and over again. I have kept the frequently asked questions in mind when I was writing this document but this document will never be complete. Of course this documentation is not a basic course in MS-DOS or packet radio. A little hint: you can quickly find a keyword by using the search function of a Text Editor.

This document mentions certain hardware and software which has been designed by other Radio Amateurs: most of the time their call signs are enclosed between brackets.

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