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DIGI owner

A DIGI_NED digi can be configurated in many differtent way's. This depends on the needs of your area and which services the owner of the digd wishes to provide.

Why do we speak from the "owner" ? This lies in the fact that the software has 2 statuses for users. The two known statuses are:

  • the User is the APRS user who is routing his APRS frames via the digi or using the services of the digi.
  • the owner is the man or group of persons who build or maintans the digi.

The owner is given special permissions. These vary from maintenance related commands to commands related to experiments running on the digi. The user can not give these commands.

In a later development a DIGI_NED digi might have one more user type: the member. Members will be users who participate in experiments but are not allowed to give maintenance related commands. This status is not available now!

This brings us to the main goal of DIGI_NED. DIGI_NED creates the posibilities to do experiments using APRS. One of the experiments is to create APRS digipeater software. So, DIGI_NED is not a full finished product. It is stable software that does it task properly.

As developments continue DIGI_NED will evolve.

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