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Voice repeater objects

It is recommended that every Paradigm APRS digipeater periodically transmits an OBJECT showing the locally recommended voice repeater frequency for travelers visiting an area. Also the local Echolink node can be advertised this way.

The format for these frequency object names is as follows:

Object Name Note
FFF.FFF-x 5KHz repeaters with up to 62 unique (x) ID's
FFF.FFF+x 5KHz repeaters with up to 62 unique (x) ID's
FFF.FF-xy 10kHz repeaters with over 3600 unique (xy) ID's
FFF.FF+xy 10kHz repeaters with over 3600 unique (xy) ID's
FFF.FFxyz 10kHz using three xyz unique characters...

The frequency can include the standard offset (+/-) or not.

The rest of the OBJECT format contains the TONE and RANGE and any specific information on regular net times and meeting dates. The format for these objects is:

;FFF.FFFxy*111111zDDMM.hhN/DDDMM.hhWr T079 R25m Net Tu9PM Mg3rdTu...

This is for a tone of 79.7 Hz, Range of 25 miles, Nets 9PM Tuesdays and meetings the 3rd Tuesday of the month. This exact spacing fits nicely on the 10x10x8 displays of the D7, D700 and HAMHUD.

TONES and DCS: We force the tone to 3 bytes always for simplicity of display, since all tones are standardized anyway, they do not need to include the tenths of a Hertz. So T088, C067, T156 and
DXXX are all valid entries. Lower case implies NARROW modulation as in t088, c067, t156 etc.

PERMANENCE: the object is indicated to be permanent by the time stamp '111111z'

UNIQUENESS: Notice that an object name needs to be unique since there are dozens of 146.94 repeaters in the country, and so these objects choose characters for the optional x,xy and
xyz characters above to make them unique.

Since these can be upper and lower case and or numbers, this gives 62 unique identifiers for the 5 KHz repeaters and over 3600 for 10 KHz repeaters. If there are still conflicts, then other delimiters such as "_=!^@, etc" can be used in place of the +/- indicators.

To see what freqeuncies are already in use, simply do a wildcard (*) link to FINDU.COM. For example, http://map.findu.com/146.94* will provide a list of all 146.94 repeaters currently showing on APRS!


beacon: 9 all DIGI_DEST

;145.787-1*111111z5208.29N/00521.45Er t000 R50k PI3AMF Amersfoort

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