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One important parameter in the digi position texts is the shorthand desription of the capabilities of the digi using Wn and SSn etc. When done in a consistent manner, users can easily see what to expect.

Please bare in mind the 10 x 10 x 8 byte display on the Kenwood mobiles. (THD7 / TMD700 / TMD710 / TS2000).

This is the list of the current overlays that apply to DIGI_NED:

Letter Digi type Comment Note
N WIDEn-N R, W,Wn... The old OBSOLETE flooding WIDEn-N's
L Limited WIDEn W3 receommended W3... SSn-N not supported
S State Systems W3, SSn-N... W3 recommended. Supports SSn-N
1 Fill-IN or Black-Hole Coverage W1-1... For a FILL-IN WIDE1-1 only digi
1 1-hop enforced 11,22,21,33... Such as NL, etc
X - - for eXperimental

The OBSOLETE LEGACY Overlays are:

Letter Digi type Comment Note
R RELAY only digis
OBSOLETE. MYALILAS should be WIDE1-1 now
W WIDE or R,W digis
OBSOLETE. Should be WIDE1-1 only
D DIGI_NED digis W3, SSn-N... Should use "S" (or "L") when updated to New n-N

There is no need to distinguish DIGI_NED by overlay anymore. DIGI_NED will identify himself by the APNXXX in the UNPROTO TOCALL which should be APNU.. or APND.. (See DIGI_NED versions)

Because DIGI_NED has additional features, be sure to put "DIGI_NED" in your comment text. something like "PHGXXXX W3, SSn-N, DIGI_NED Capable... etc" so that it shows up well on the Mobiles who are the most likely users to use the DIGI_NED features.


In this example the Beacon information is split over the 3 position beacons. This is done to prevent long transmissions. The 3 beacons are:

  • Normal position beacon
  • Compressed beacon telling DIGI_NED is run on the digi
  • Status message

; Beacons
beacon: 30 all DIGI_DEST,WIDE4-4
beacon: 11 all U2QPU6

The related files are here:


!5209.71NS00548.98E#PHG4630/RadioKootwijk http://go.to/pi1apk mail:pi1apk@go.to



>W3,NL7 PAradigm operation!

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