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Broadcasts basics

After you have read about basic digipeating rules the second primary function comes. This function makes you known to the world as you transmit your position frame with it. At the other hand this function can also be used to transmit other kand of data.

Basically DIGI_NED transmits the contens of a file in both send and beacon rules.

  • send: 20 all DIGI_DEST,WIDE,TRACE6-6 digibcon.ini
  • beacon: 20 all DIGI_DEST,WIDE,TRACE6-6digibcon.ini

In the shown examples the contens of the file digibcon.ini is transmitted every 20 minutes to the value DIGI_DEST. Common that is the version of the software release. In our case somtehing like APNDxx.als the digi-path is given. In this case WIDE,TRACE5-5. Be aware that as I wrot this the discussions are on-going and subject of change.

The difference between "send:" and "beacon:" is that only beacons specified with "beacon:" will be send upon reception of an ?APRS? broadcast from a user.

The contens of the file can be of all kind. Primary you can use it to broadcast a standard position frame used in APRS:


=5213.03N/00600.08E_PHG3230/DIGI_NED Weerstation http://connect.to/digi_ned

But also compressed position information, status, or bulletins can be transmitted using DIGI_NED. See for this the SEND syntaxes.

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