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Send and Beacon command

These are where DIGI_NED gets the position beacon text. You can have multi path beacons if you want. The format for the setting reads as follows:

send: 20 all DIGI_DEST,WIDE,TRACE4-4

beacon: 20 all DIGI_DEST,WIDE,TRACE4-4

Send beacons with an interval of 20 minutes to all ports with DIGI_CALL (that's the call of this DIGI_NED) to the first call in the path given in the send command. The next calls in the path of the send command are the digis, in this case WIDE,TRACE4-4. The next line is a file from which the data to be send is read. The file will be read every time "send:" or "beacon:" starts the transmission.

Some conversion is performed on the file. After reading all characters will be removed. The result of this is that only characters remain as line terminators. The all characters are changed to characters which is the line termination used for packet-radio use. Note that only up to 256 characters are read from the beacon-file, this is as much as will fit in an AX.25 frame. If the text is not terminated by a the DIGI_NED will add it.

When the file does not have any path then digi_ned will look for it in the same directory as where the executable is.

DIGI_CALL>DIGI_DEST,WIDE,TRACE4-4:contents of named file

The difference between "send:" and "beacon:" is that the "beacon:" rules are also triggered when an "?APRS?" broadcast or query is received. The "send:" rules will not be executed in that case.

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