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DIGI_NED can send a number of responses to queries. Some of those responses are defined in a text-file. The file is defines with:

message_file: digi_ned.mes

When the file does not have any path then digi_ned will look for it in the same directory as where the executable is.

DIGI_NED will remembers the query from a station so that DIGI_NED does answer only once on query. If the acknowledge of the query message does not reach the originator then the originator retransmits his message. This retransmission should not be auto-answered.

message_keep_time: 900

This remembers received messages for 900 seconds - 15 minutes

The "message_path:" defines the route that reply-messages should use.

message_path: all TRACE,WIDE

In the above example the auto-response will be send to all ports using TRACE,WIDE as digipeater path.

It is allowed to have multiple "message_path:" definitions for one port. Each "message_path:" definition causes an transmission to the ports, each having the defined path.


message_path: 1 TRACE,WIDE
message_path: 1 PI1APA

Causes 2 transmissions to port 1 for each reply of DIGI_NED, on with the digipeater path "TRACE,WIDE" and one using "PI1APA". As with everything in the DIGI_NED configuration the user is responsible for proper usage of this feature.

A related parameter is "max_msg_hops:". This is the maximum number of "used" digipeaters that may appear in the received frame containing the query from the originator. When more digipeaters are marked as "used" the query will be ignored.

Answering a query that arrived via more hops would be useless since the answer will not get back to the originator according to the message_path settings and would only cause QRM. This "hop" limit does not take intelligent digipeaters into account, but at least stops some useless traffic.

When not defined "max_msg_hops:" will be 8, which means no limit because 8 is the maximum number of digipeaters that will fit into an AX.25 frame. The "max_msg_hops:" will, when used, normally correspond with the number of hops defined in the longest "message_path:" setting.

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