APRS Digipeatersoftware DIGI_NED
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telemetry: [@] < time> < sources> < to-ports> [< dest>],[< digis>]

time interval time in minutes, Add '@' for absolute time. The number now specifies how many minutes past the hour the beacon shall appear. Note that numbers above 60 will start skipping hours; i.e. @80 specified 20 minutes past every other hour.
sources < analog>,[< analog>,< analog>,< analog>,< analog>,< bin>]
analog < source>[/< Address>]
bin < source>[/< address>]
source lpt< n>|lpt< n>_8|off
address 0-7
n 1-3
to-ports< port>[,< port>]... or "all" for all ports
dest destination call, for example DIGI_DEST
digis < digi>[,digi]... via digipeater calls for beacon
digi digipeater call, for example WIDE or TRACE6-6.
port 1..(number of last active port)


telemetry: 15 all lpt2/1,off,off,off,off,lpt2_8 DIGI_DEST

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