serial: < time> < to-ports> < com> < speed> [< dest>],[< digis>][< sentence>]...

time interval time in minutes
to-ports< PORT>[,< PORT>]... or "all" for all ports
com COM port, allowed COM1..9, for DOS only up to COM4
speed Baudrate, accepted are 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600 baud
dest destination call, for example DIGI_DEST, ID or BEACON
digis < DIGI>[,digi]... via digipeater calls for beacon
sentence name of the sentence to pick up, if empty all data is picked up.
digi digipeater call, for example WIDE or TRACE6-6.
port 1..(number of last active port) Note: for DOS only one "serial:" rule is accepted.


serial: 10 all com3 4800 GPSODN,WIDE,WIDE3-3 $GPRMC $GPGGA