digissid: < from-ports> < destinations> < to-ports> < ssid> [operation[n] [< digis>]]

from-ports < port>[,< port>]..., "all" for all ports, "allbut" for all ports except the reception-port
destinations< dest>[,< dest>]... list of destination calls to pick from
to-ports< port>[,< port>]... or "all" for all ports
operationadd | replace | new | swap | hijack | erase | keep | shift
number of digipeater calls to mark as "used", default 1
digis < digi>[,digi]... list of digipeater calls
port 1..(number of last active port)
dest destination call for example APRS or BEACON, supports wildcards ?, #, @ and *
digi digipeater call parameter for operation, for example WIDE or TRACE6-6


digissid: 1 *-12 all 0 add WIDE