digi_dest: < call>

call destination call used for beacons and messages

This needs to be set mandatory in the .ini file.

DIGI_NED uses destination address APNDxx. The prefix APN can be shared with other intelligent digipeaters. The prefix APND is reserved for DIGI_NED in coordination with the APRS protocol workgroup.

The DIGI_NED version number is now compressed in 2 alfanumeric bytes. For this count base 36 is used to have enough numbers to identifiy DIGI_NED versions, I.e counting goes:

01,02,...,09,0A,0B,...,0Z,10,11,..,1Z,20,...,etc where 01 is version 0.0.1, 0Z is version 0.3.5 and 10 is version 0.3.6 etc.

More information see 'Download > DIGI_NED versions'.


digi_dest: APND0U