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Because of the many different configuration settings and the existence of many different environments no general 'recipes' can be given. In most cases it will be sufficient if you read sections 'Invoking and Configuration of AX25_MAC' In case of trouble read 'Error Remedies (Modem Operation)'. For multiport operations, the sections 'Multiport use' and 'The commands for the AX25_MAC.INI file' are important. In 'KISS use' important tips for operation using KISS are given. 'THD7/TMD700/TS2000' describes specifics about the THD7/TMD700/TS2000 TNC.

If you used a previous version without the '-P' option and were using the default COM-1 port you now have to include the option '-PCOM1'. Command 'AX25_MAC -H' will show all allowed options in a shorthand form.

The command 'AX25_MAC -U' removes AX25_MAC from RAM.

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