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You can use the YAM96 modem with AX25_MAC.

There are some things to note:

Before you can use the YAM96 modem you have to download the software into the FPGA by means of the YAMINIT program you got with the modem. If this is not done before AX25_MAC starts, AX25_MAC will give an error message.

The YAM96 modem is connected to one of the COM ports. AX25_MAC assumes a normal COM port is present. When no port address is given AX25_MAC tries to retrieve this address from the BIOS area. When using COM ports 3 or 4 this port address maybe invalid. In that case you have to specify these values yourself.

You must specify the correct IRQ at startup: the default IRQ is 4 when using COM1 or COM3, 3 when using COM2 or COM4. If you attempt to use the wrong IRQ, the communication to the modem will fail.

Also be aware not to use COM1 and COM3 or COM2 and COM4 at the same time. If your mouse is connected to COM1 you should not use COM3 for example. You can use this combination however if COM3 is assigned to another IRQ (so in fact there should be only one active COM-port using the IRQ at the same time).

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