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BayCom PAR96 and PICPAR

You can use the PAR96 and PICPAR modem with AX25_MAC.

There are some things to note:

The PAR96 and PICPAR modem are connected to one of the LPT ports. AX25_MAC assumes a normal LPT port is present. On modern PC's this can be an EPP port (Enhanced Printer Port). AX25_MAC assumes this port is set as if it is a normal LPT port at startup. If not AX25_MAC might fail to communicate with the modem (I do not have information how to setup the EPP port as normal printer port so I can't do it).

There is a particular problem with the PICPAR modem. The power to the PICPAR modem is supplied by the LPT port. If the modem is not powered at the start of AX25_MAC, the initialization by AX25_MAC is
finished before the power on the PICPAR is stable. The communication to the modem completely fails in that case. A way to solve it seems to be lowering the value of the capacitors on the power line or to switch over to an external power supply.

You must specify the correct IRQ at startup: the default IRQ is 7. If you attempt to use the wrong IRQ, the communication to the modem will also fail.

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