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DIGI_NED Community

DIGI_NED Yahoo Group

At Yahoo there is a DIGI_NED user group available. This is a nice place for those who need to know more and would like to get in contact with other DIGI_NED users.

Feel free to join.

here to join digined
Click to join digined

DIGI_NED promotional button

If you want to promote DIGI_NED you are invited to add the DIGI_NED button to your website.


Please copy and past the following HTML text in to your web page:

<a href="http://digi_ned.pe1mew.nl" target="_blank"><img src="http://pe1mew.nl/gedeeld/digined_button.jpg" alt="DIGI_NED APRS digipeater software." border="0"></a>

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