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APRS and DIGI_NED queries

There are 2 types of queries recognised in APRS. The first group is standarised in the APRS specifications. The second group is application dependant. In this case DIGI_NED related.

This are the queries that are standarised in APRS:

Command Comment
?ping? shows the path of the requester to the digipeater, no acknowledge is given by the digi.
?aprsm retransmits all unacknowledged messages for the requester
?aprst same as ?ping?

The following queries are DGI_NED related:

Command Comment
?help shows a short overview of all commands
?id shows the own call and the call of the DIGI_NED owner
?ver shows version and date and time of compilation
?up shows date and time of the last restart
?type shows that this is DIGI_NED
?ports shows the number of available ports

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