APRS Digipeatersoftware DIGI_NED
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DIGIFLOP comes with 2 files:

  • INFO.TXT this is a simple instruction
  • DIGIFLOP.EXE the executeable that holds the self extracting disk image.

After downloading DIGIFLOP format a 1.4 Mb Floppydisk using the '/U' option (eg. format a: /U)

Now run the program DIGIFLOP and enter the target disk when asked.

After creation of the disk you will have a bootable DISK with a complete DIGI_NED digipeater. As DOS Caldera DR-DOS 7.03 is used; this version of DOS is free for non commercial personal use, read LICENSE.TXT. Please respect Caldera's License. Also read README.TXT on the disk.

After booting the first time a configuration screen appears. Now we can configure DIGI_NED on DIGIFLOP.

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