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Proportional Beaconing

Both preemptive pathing and proportional beaconing are intended for mobile use and most effective there. Proportional beaconing is only of use with moving stations. With proportional beaconing the becon rate is changing with the speed if the mobile station. So when the position of a station changes significantly the beacon rate increases to a 60 second interval. But when a station is stable the beacon rate should decrease to a interval of about 10 minutes or even more.

As a digipeater is stable real proportional beaconing is not possible. But by choosing the beacon rate for both local and WIDE3-3 path properly the added QRM by the digi is reduced.


In this example the beacon rate for local beacons is 11 minutes and for WIDE3-3 30 minutes.

; Beacons
beacon: 30 all DIGI_DEST,WIDE4-4
beacon: 11 all U2QPU6
send: 6 all DIGI_DEST

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