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I-gate usage

Some people asked me if DIGI_NED would function as IGATE. Since DIGI_NED is build for DOS and Internet with DOS is not easy to handle, DIGI_NED can't. But that doesn't mean that you cannot use DIGI_NED with an IGATE under Linux. Linux - and any Unix - is following the Unix philosophy of having small building blocks with dedicated simple tasks (I dislike large monolithic programs on Linux for that reason).

Using this building blocks you can easily build a "loopback" connection with pseudo TTY's. On one end you can connect DIGI_NED, on the other end you can connect the IGATE software.

To visualize what I'm going to explain:

(Click on the image for enlarge)

This is how this is set up:

First have the KISS module loaded (kissnetd creates KISS devices):

echo 'Starting AX25 loopback drivers'
modprobe mkiss

Then start "kissnetd" on 2 pseudo TTY's in background:

/usr/sbin/kissnetd /dev/ptyq1 /dev/ptyq2 &
sleep 4

Wait for "kissnetd" to be started, than take the other end of these pseudo TTY's - which act as KISS - and create two network interfaces which are related to two ax25 ports. In my setup this will create interfaces ax0 and ax1.

/usr/sbin/kissattach /dev/ttyq1 -l ldigi
/usr/sbin/kissattach /dev/ttyq2 -l lgate

Now I configure ax0 and ax1 and declare them as "up".

/sbin/ifconfig ax0 netmask \ mtu 256 hw ax25 PE1DNN-7 up
/sbin/ifconfig ax1 netmask \ mtu 256 hw ax25 PE1DNN-8 up

So now I have 2 ax25 ports "ldigi" and "lgate" which are connected to each other. Now you can run DIGI_NED on "ldigi" and have IGATE software take frames from "lgate" and send them over The Internet. Frames from

The Internet are send to "lgate" and enter DIGI_NED via "ldigi".

DIGI_NED will digipeat frames from "1k2" (from the radio via a BayCom modem) to "ldigi" and frames from "ldigi" are digipeated by DIGI_NED to "1k2" and will be transmitted that way. This should work just fine.

The sample /etc/ax25/axports file for this setup is:

(Click on the image for enlarge)

There is a lot you can do with Linux so that's why I'm not sure I want to build an IGATE into DIGI_NED. There are a lot of building bricks to accomplish what you want. I hope this helps to give an impression on how you could setup DIGI_NED together with IGATE software.

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