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Bulletins & announcements.

Using DIGI_NED it is is possible to send data in a bulletin or announcement format. The only disadvantage at this moment is that the transmission cycle when the SENS od BEACON rule is used is permanent and does not end.

The following formats can be put in the file you wish to transmit or in the digi_ned.mes-file.

For bulletins the aprs specification uses BLN followed by a single number for identification of the bulletin fillowed by 5 spaces (0x20). Commom messages or bulletins contain information of temporary nature. These messages are transmitted for several hours.

format of groupmessages in APRS

Announcements use the BLN followed by a single capital letter to identify the announcement. announcements are less often sent but for couple of days.

format of Announcement-Message in APRS

Group messages are sent to a group of ussers. A group addressed message contains the BLN ID followed by a single number is identification, and a group name. This group name has a maximum length of 5 characters. A big advantage of this group bulletin is that the user, depending on the client software he uses, can filter the bulltins het wants to receive

format of the GROUP-Message in APRS

So now we know what is right, we can take a short look to what is wrong. The following bulletins and announcements are all wrong formatted:

:BLN-10-3 : :BLN-100 : :BLN-101: :BLN-5TND4: :BLN-BBS : :BLN-DIGI : :BLN-F : :BLN-ISS : :BLN-NWS : :BLN-NY : :BLN-PAPDO: :BLN-PMS : :BLN-RBV : :BLN-RDF : :BLN-SMART: :BLN-TIME : :BLN-TIME2: :BLN-TT? : :BLN-UHF : :BLN-VERON: :BLN-WTIME: :BLN0000 : :BLN0015 : :BLN0025 : :BLN0035 : :BLN0040 : :BLN0050 : :BLN0055 : :BLN0100 : :BLN0105 : :BLN0115 : :BLN0120 : :BLN0125 : :BLN0130 : :BLN0145 : :BLN0150 : :BLN0155 : :BLN1.6-BY: :BLN1.6T-T: :BLN10 : :BLN1128 : :BLN1206 : :BLN1406 : :BLN1516 : :BLN1536 : :BLN1606 :

:BLN_SAT : Is also wrong formatted, the "_" is not allowed.

:BLN1MYK : :BLN1PHG : :BLN2340 : :BLN2345 : :BLN2350 : :BLN2355 : :BLN2PHG : :BLN3PHG : :BLN4PHG : :BLN5PHG : :BLN6PHG :

Okay! These are alle specific groups but probably they are not ment to be groups. So be aware of what you want to transmit to who.

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