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Beacon & Send rule in detail

The beacon files can contain everything you wish to be broadcasted. As a matter of fact you are free to use each file name you like ! as long as it is specified in the digi_ned.ini file properly. But in a few cases more can be done. The difference between "send:" and "beacon:" is that only beacons specified with "beacon:" will be send upon reception of an ?APRS? broadcast from a user.

To create a proper beacon use the APRS specifications at http://www.tapr.org

Position information.

The given beacon can be used by DIGI_NED for retrieving the digi location. This is required for the DX and SAT function. The file should contain a following format:

!5209.71N200548.98E#PHG4630/RadioKootwijk http://go.to/pi1apk mail:pi1apk@go.to

But also compressed position information can be transmitted using DIGI_NED. For this we have to compose the compressed format and split the data into the address and content for the file. a example could look like this:

send 30 all U2QPT0

`{N< l #NRadioKootwijk http://go.to/pi1apk mail:pi1apk@go.to >

When we look to the result we have something like this:

PI1APK>U2QPT0:`{N< l #NRadioKootwijk http://go.to/pi1apk mail:pi1apk@go.to >

The character just before the "#" is hex 0x1c, the one preceeding that is just a space (0x20). BE AWARE for some reasons regarding the html make-up of this document after the '<' a additional space (0x20) is added.

Status information.

By choosing the following contens you send a status message in APRS format:

< this is a status text

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Use the 'On-line PHG calculator'.
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Use the 'On Line Coordinate converter'

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