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For easy deployment of DIGI_NED digi's a 1.44 Mb bootable floppy has been designed. It includes a configurator; with a PC, TNC and transceiver you can make a full functional digipeater within one minute. It is even possible to turn the Kenwood TH-D7 portable with build in TNC into a digipeater, if the TH-D7 knows about KISS that is (not all version do, tested with the TH-D7E V2.0). It also works with the TM-D700 and TS-2000.

As DIGI_NED can be used on 2 operation systems, DOS and LINUX, there is a need to deal with the limitations of DOS. Here for the names are limited to 8 characters.

  • Version: DNxxxxxx.ZIP (DN.ZIP)

There are 2 distributions available:

  • DNEXExxx.ZIP - DOS exe file plus additional files,
  • DNSRCxxx.ZIP - DOS source wrapper, contains source .TGZ file, wrapped because brain-dead MSDOS does not understand long filenames digi_ned-x.x.x.tgz - Source file for LINUX (contained in DNSRCxxx.ZIP)

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