DIGI_NED basics.

When AX25_MAC has been loaded then DIGI_NED can be started. At the start DIGI_NED reads the DIGI_NED.INI file. Another .INI can be loaded by supplying its name at startup.


The line above loads MYDIGI.INI instead of DIGI_NED.INI. When no alternative 'DIGI_NED.INI' file is supplied the DIGI_NED will read the DIGI_NED.INI which is present in the same directory as the .EXE file.

You can supply the '-v' option for verbose output, or '-h' for help.

Alternatively you can specify '-a' if you want to monitor the activity of message queries and telemetry message generation or '-d' to monitor DX message generation.

Before starting DIGI_NED you have to exchange the call in the DIGI_NED.INI with the call you want to use for the digipeater. The call is only present in one place; at the end of the DIGI_NED.INI you will find:

digi_call: PE1DNN-2

All DIGI_CALL fields that are present in DIGI_NED.INI will be replaced at runtime by the call supplied with the digi_call setting, in my case this is PE1DNN-2.

As owner of the digipeater you have to supply your own call, this way the ?id query will return who is responsible for the digipeater. On top of that the owner will be able to execute the ?exit command when he or she wants to. You can assign more owners. The first one you assign will be used for the ?id query, but the others will be able the execute the ?exit command too. These other calls can be your own with a different SSID or a call of a co-maintainer.

The text in digibcon.ini will be transmitted as beacon. Currently it contains an APRS message with the position of the DIGI. The syntax of this message and how to set it up can be found in the APRS specification. Do not forget to change the location, I have seen some strange stations at my QTH lately :-). Be aware that some characters are not allowed according to the specification!

The text in digi_id.ini will be transmitted as station identification. It is just a plain text message for people watching with their AX.25 monitor and wonder which station is transmitting all the data they see. Don't forget to change the file so it contains your callsign.

In DIGI_NED.INI you will find a "send:" command which specifies the interval for these beacon transmissions, from which file the beacon texts shall be read and on which ports it should be transmitted. Also the destination and digipeater calls are specified there. When the file for the beacon is specified without any path then DIGI_NED looks for it in the same directory as where the program is located.

For DX message generation you need to specify the position of the digipeater in "digi_pos:".