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Wild cards

Wildcards may be used to match the incoming callsigns.

*   Matches any 0 or more character(s).
?   Matches any 1 character.
@  Matches any alpha character.
!    Matches any digit.

DIGI_NED can be setup to match characters in callsigns and aliases. Neat?

Some common ones are WIDE* and AP*. Be careful when doing this as some callsign fields use things like GPSODN and MIC-E's use random characters in their "to:" field (for possible destination calls and related Icons look at Appendix 2 of the APRS Specification).

When '*' is used and additional characters follow after the '*' then characters in the callsign to check will be skipped until a match is found again, from that point checking will proceed.


Using W*E will match WIDE but not W0EXT; after the '*' the code will look for an 'E' and proceed checking from there. In case of matching with WIDE the '*' will skip the 'I' and 'D' characters and proceed comparison at the 'E'. In case of matching with W0EXT the '*' skip over the '0' character and also proceed comparison at the 'E'. Since 'E' is not equal to 'EXT' the match will fail for W0EXT. Typical use for this, and the prime reason why this is implemented, is to enable checking on SSIDs. You can use '*-4' to match any call with 'SSID' '4'. This is for digipeating on destination-call SSIDs

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