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Serial command

With these rules DIGI_NED can send data from a GPS, Ultimeter or other device connected via a serial line. You can sent multiple sentences if you want. The format for the setting reads as follows:

serial: 10 all com3 4800 GPSODN,WIDE,WIDE3-3

If the wanted type of sentence is not specified (empty line following the "serial:" rule) all the data on the serial input is accepted (if it doesn't fail the checksum). Note that DIGI_NED will only output the most recently read complete line in this case.

In the example serial data is send with an interval of 10 minutes to all ports. The data is read from COM3 (under Linux /dev/ttyS2) at 4800 baud in this case. Supported baudrates are 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600 baud. The serial line uses hardware-flowcontrol on send an receive.

In DOS COM1 to COM4 can be used with the following mapping:

COM1 = IOA=0x3f8, IRQ=3
COM2 = IOA=0x2f8, IRQ=4
COM3 = IOA=0x3e8, IRQ=3
COM4 = IOA=0x2e8, IRQ=4

As usual the DOS restriction not to have active traffic on 2 COM ports using the same IRQ applies. The IOA and IRQ are fixed. I might add it if there is demand to have this configurable. In DOS only 1 serial port can be assigned at a time due to limitations in the used driver code.

In Linux COM1 to COM9 can be used with the following mapping:

COM1 uses /dev/ttyS0
COM2 uses /dev/ttyS1
COM3 uses /dev/ttyS2
COM4 uses /dev/ttyS3
COM9 uses /dev/ttyS8

If a checksum is present in the DATA, DIGI_NED will validate the sentence and ignore corrupted sentences. When no checksum is present data is used as is. The data is transmitted with the call DIGI_CALL (that's the call of this DIGI_NED) to the first call in the path given in the serial command. The next calls in the path of the serial command
are the digis, in this case WIDE, WIDE3-3. The next line in the .ini file specifies the sentences to be picked up from the serial line for transmission. Multiple sentence types can be specified. All sentences are transmitted at the same time.


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