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Invoking and Configuration

AX25_MAC will be activated by the following Command Line:

AX25_MAC [ -N ] [ | -U ]

All options start with a '-' sign and are separated by a space character. The space character shall not appear as part of the option. Options are case-insensitive (no difference between upper and lower case. Certain options (e.g. '-P') have more than one parameter, separated by a ':'. For those values which are not explicitly specified default values will be used.


Option '-PUSCC::5' will be interpreted as '-PUSCC:300:5:1103', since the omitted values default to 300 and 1103.

It makes sense to start AX25_MAC from a batch-file so you won't have to type in the same options over and over again. All options are listed in short-hand form, which will also be presented as help-text if you enter 'AX25_MAC -H', The are only relevant while loading AX25_MAC as a TSR, and remain valid until AX25_MAC is unloaded from memory.

Usage: AX25_MAC [ -N ] [ | -U ]

Variable Comment
-N = no messages
-U = unload
[] = optional
| = alternative
x = hex digit
n = dec digit
-P[:xxx:nn:nnnn] = packet port [addr:IRQ:]
-Bnnnn[:nnnn ...] = baud rate (1 number/port)
-F[file] = read init file
-D = debug mode
-C[xx] = show DCD [color]
-Ixx = AX25_MAC interrupt
-L = interLock - one TX at a time (only for half-duplex ports)
-BU[nnnn] = number of buffers
COMn | LPTn | PARn | YAMn | BPQnn | KISSn | DSCC | OSCC | USCC
(n = 1-4, for BPQ n= 60-80)
0 = disable
2 = hardclock
4 = PA0HZP port
1 = softclock
3 = DF9IC modem
5 = PA0HZP timer
(1 digit/channel)

General Options

These options can be used together with every other option. Currently there is only one:

-N Suppress Messages

In case messages from the program are not wanted (e.g. in batch-files), they can be suppressed by using this option. Error messages are not suppressed.

Removal from RAM

By using the command 'AX25_MAC -U' you can remove the resident AX25_MAC from the memory.

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