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Multiport use

AX25_MAC can manage up to 8 ports. I think that using them all will only occur in exceptional cases.

A unique number (1-8) is assigned to each port. The assignment of those numbers follows the exact same order as the '-P' options which are given at the start of AX25_MAC. These port numbers are displayed by AX25_MAC at startup.


1: COM1 (3F8/00), 1200 Bd, MODEM
2: SCC0 (300/07), 1200 Bd, SOFTCLK
3: SCC1 (301/07), 1200 Bd, SOFTCLK
4: SCC3 (303/07), 9600 Bd, DF9IC
5: COM2 (2F8/03), 9600 Bd, KISS

Some commands in the AX25_MAC.INI file (see section 6.2. and appendix 1.) need a port number to set some parameters for one specific port.

Command Format:


is a digit between 1 and 8, no space is allowed between the digit and the ':'.


; Port 1
P 1:64 ; (8-255) Persistent value for transmission (=P/255)
W 1:10 ; (10 ms) Slottime
T 1:30 ; (10 ms) TX-Delay: PTT on -> transmission of data
; Port 2
P 2:64 ; (8-255) Persistent value for transmission (=P/255)
W 2:10 ; (10 ms) Slottime
T 2:10 ; (10 ms) TX-Delay: PTT on -> transmission of data

If the port number is not specified for a command which needs a port number, an error message is given and the command is ignored.

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