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BPQ Ethernet

You can use BPQ Ethernet with AX25_MAC.

There are some things to note:

You must load an FTP software packet-driver for your Ethernet card before loading AX25_MAC. This kind of driver is usually supplied with an Ethernet card. Also on the Internet a lot of FTP software drivers can be found for a large number of cards. The most famous are the Crynwr Software packet drivers by Russell Nelson. These drivers are free to use, also the source code can be found on the Internet.

AX25_MAC will try to program the FTP software packet driver to use multicast Ethernet packets. If that fails AX25_MAC will fall back to use broadcast Ethernet packets. In that case AX25_MAC will print out a message to inform the user about this. This BPQ driver will run at an equivalent speed of approximately 19200 baud. The reason for this low speed is to minimize the load on the CPU, the speed can be much higher in theory but we also want CPU time for the application and for the other modems that are connected. The transmitter is using the internal timer to start transmissions.

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