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Hardware Problems

There are PCs (especially Laptops), which do not have 100% compatible serial ports. The demands on the ports are not so high as for BayCom, when the deviations are too big it can also cause problems with AX25_MAC on these computers. In many cases receiving works buy sending does not. Up till now I received some reports of this for the following computers:
  • Toshiba 1000XE
  • NEC Multispeed
  • Olivetti M24
AX25_MAC offers the possibility to use the modem on the LPT port, which might be an option to bypass the problem.

Most laptops and notebooks have build-in Power Management to save (battery) power. When the keyboard is not pressed for some time Power Management may reduce de processor speed, which may reduce the processing power for AX25_MAC below a usable level. When using this kind of PCs (e.g. Olivetti Quaderndo) it is often required to deactivate the Power Management (especially the reduction of the processor speed). If your PC has enough power even with reduced processor speed you can try to leave it enabled.

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